The LOveCATOR Method

‘How to Choose Your Perfect Partner’

By Lupita Suarez


THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK, is to guide you into manifesting loving, harmonious, respectful, and healthy relationships in your life. This of course, should start with the most important relationship that you have, and that is the relationship with yourself. It is my intention to reduce dissatisfaction in relationships – dissatisfaction which leads to arguments and in some cases to domestic violence. It is my goal to guide you out of unhappy relationships and to help you manifest wonderful, rewarding, and loving relationships in your life. 

The Journey of this Book

This book was in the making for about two years. I started to feel inspired to write the book after attending a mini-retreat session called “VysionQuest”. It was an amazing session led by Rick Cowley about the ‘Purpose of Life’ and that was enough to get me every morning handwriting my book for as little as 20 minutes. I used to write every day after my daily morning ritual of meditation and gratitude sessions. I’ve handwritten my book in a beautiful handmade leather journal with soft cream pages that I received as a gift from my Significant Other. I was very happy when he gave it to me because I knew that I was going to use it someday but I just didn’t know when. Every word in The LOveCATOR Method flowed harmoniously and it was a pleasure for me to write my message with the intention to share it with the world. I never felt pressured to do it nor to finish it. Many people that have actually seen the handwriting version are impressed by its neatness and tidiness of the journal; at the beginning, I couldn’t see it as a major reason to be proud of because it was just normal to me, I was giving it for granted but when I looked at it with new eyes, I could realise that it was something really special about my handwriting journal; it was the reflection of the love and dedication that I put onto it. I invite you to read this book if you believe that manifesting a healthy relationship in your life is something that you deserve.

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