Couples & Technology

Technology can bring couples closer. When adequate boundaries are not in place, technology may create barriers to connection and intimacy. If couples choose to use technology instead of spending quality time with one another, it can lead to emotions of loneliness or resentment rather than moments of connection.

This is the reason why technology is frequently seen as the adversary of meaningful connections but couples can learn how to use it to stay connected through their busy days. Technology can be very helpful especially for couples in distance relationships.

I encourage couples to use technology to their advantage by applying these 3 tips:

1. Set reminders during the day to send messages that communicate love, admiration, fun and fondness to your Significant Other.

2. Comment on their posts online or in-person later (let them know you are paying attention to them and care about what they are interested in).

3. Share an online calendar with your partner purely for your relationship (date nights, anniversary, sex date, etc) In this way, you both are going to remember every special occasion and consciously spend quality time.

Give it a go and include at least one of these 3 x tips in your daily rituals of connection.

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