Find beauty & Fun on a daily basis

We are going through challenging times where most people are feeling there are many obstacles in their way plus the fear of uncertainty in many areas of their lives right now but we need to remember that the power of our focus is unlimited and magnificent.

That is the reason why is so important to try to look for the good things in our lives, take the time to find beauty & fun on a daily basis. LOVE is a high vibration topic that we all should be encouraged to talk about – even if we are or not in a Romantic Relationship just now – because LOVE is everywhere and you can find it if you pay enough attention and focus on it!

Let’s review our weekend and see if we did something Romantic; again, this could be with a partner or on your own. There are so many ways to Romance yourself and you don’t even need to leave your house. I can give you a couple of ideas, right here:

*Run yourself a bubble bathtub – Luxuriate in the bathtub (I love adding some drops of my favourite essential oils to the bathtub) with a good book, a plate of fresh-cut fruit, and a glass of your favourite drink . This can be easily done on your own or if you have a partner who would love to join you in the bathtub…that’s great!

*Watch the sunrise/sunset – Yes, I know that it would be very nice to be on the top of a mountain watching a sunrise or sunset (just like in one of the best Romantic movies) but if for whatever reason you can’t go up there, simply watch it from your window, it’s as simple as that.

Sometimes we lose our capacity to appreciate little things but the good news is that like everything in life, it’s just a matter of practice, to develop that wonderful skill of contemplation.

“THE CONTEMPLATION OF BEAUTY CAUSES THE SOUL TO GROW WINGS”, Plato. How did you find a little bit of Romance in your life last weekend?…with your partner or on your own.

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