Five Minutes

We all have busy lifestyles, but those few moments of spare time may be used to reconnect with your Significant Other, deepen your intimacy, and turn towards each other.

When you think about it, five minutes is little but in your relationship, five minutes every day may make a big impact.

This short time can help couples to deepen their feelings for each other.

In my private practice, I encourage couples to consciously take advantage of those 5 minutes daily with their partners.

Here are some suggestions for you:

💗 Tell your Significant Other one thing about them that you admire and why

💗 Spend that time expressing physical affection (holding hands, kissing, snuggling)

💗 Take a walk outdoors and enjoy the sunset together

💗 Thank your partner for the tiny things they did that day to help you out.

Your creativity is the only limit to this list…go for it!

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