Learn New Things Together

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships in 1993 studied over 50 married couples who engaged in activities together every week for 10 weeks. These activities were described as either “exciting” or “pleasant.” (A control group of couples didn’t participate in any activities).

After following these couples and tracking their self-reported levels of satisfaction, the researchers found that both the “exciting” and “pleasant” groups reported higher satisfaction with their marriage than the control group. Plus, the “exciting” group (who engaged in more adrenaline-boosting activities) reported even more satisfaction than the “pleasant” group.

The study authors concluded that stimulating activities can enhance marital satisfaction. Vulnerability is grounded in the relationship between new learning experiences and human connections. Essentially, we will never evolve as individuals, or as couples, if we never let our guard down and embrace the unknown. When you decide to learn something new with your Significant Other, neither of you is an expert in that area.

According to Dr. Hisla Bates, M.D., a psychiatrist based in New York City, “Vulnerability is the ability to open up and take risks with your partner and with that vulnerability, there is growth and maturity in the relationship.” The good thing about learning something new together is that it can be something small and simple like trying a new recipe, taking a fitness class together or why not trying paddle boarding!

Here are more ideas for you & your partner:

💗 Learn to bowl

💗 Learn a new foreign language

💗 Learn to play a new musical instrument

💗 Learn to cook fancy recipes

💗 Join dancing classes

💗 Learn a new sport

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