Love is in the air

‘Love is in the air’, they say, and I totally agree with that!

Hopefully, we all had sometime over the weekend to find it somewhere. The real magic of this is to look for it in simple little things or things that most of the time we give for granted.

Just by looking up the sky and contemplating the tranquillity of the night, the moon, the stars, you’ll be able to find that Romantic mood …regardless if you are on your own or with a partner, LOVE is an amazing feeling that makes us a better person and shines a light even on our darkest nights.

The moon has been associated with love and romance around the world in many cultures; it could be because it’s ever-changing, it reminds us that all things on Earth have a natural cycle and nothing remains the same forever.

Here is the question for you: Did you get the chance to contemplate the romantic air around you?

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