Romantic Holidays to celebrate together

There is always room for romance when celebrating special dates with your significant other; whether is his/her B’day, Valentine’s Day or even better your wedding anniversary! The good thing is that the fun doesn’t stop there: through the whole year, we have so many Romantic Holidays around the world that we could use as the ‘perfect excuse’ to celebrate with our partner.

Just in case you are not aware of this ‘Romantic Holidays”, here are

some of them that are widely celebrated around the world:

Jan 6: Cuddle Up Day

Jan 21: Hugging Day

Jan 26: Spouses Day

Mar 20: Proposal Day

Apr 18: Husband’s appreciation Day

Jun 22: Kissing Day

Aug 1: Girlfriend Day

Aug 18: Couple’s Day

If you are really keen to find out more special dates to celebrate with your partner, the list goes on and on, here:

Having a Colombian background, I still like to celebrate a very special holiday called the “Love & Friendship Day” which is a big day celebration in Colombia every 16th of September; is not a Public Holiday as such but it’s quite similar to a Valentine’s Day plus celebrating valuable friendships…so also add that one to your calendar if you like! What is your favourite way to celebrate special dates with your partner?

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