Signs of a Toxic Relationship

To manifest healthy relationships in your life, firstly you need to identify if you are actually in a Toxic one so you can take action to either improve your current relationship or move onto a new more satisfying relationship.

This exercise involves a lot of honesty from your side. Many people usually try to ‘normalise’ and/or ‘minimise’ bad behaviour towards them just to avoid facing reality. They prefer to stay in their ‘comfort zone’ which ironically is not comfortable at all.

Answer the questions below and check how many (Yes)/(No) you got from the questionnaire.

Only you can tell if the bad outweighs the good in your relationship. But if someone consistently threatens your well-being by what they’re saying, doing, or not doing, it’s likely a toxic relationship.

Here you go:

❤ Are you giving more than you’re getting?

❤ Do you feel devalued and depleted in your relationship?

❤ Do you feel consistently disrespected or that your needs aren’t being met?

❤ Do you feel a toll on your self-esteem over time?

❤ Do you feel unsupported, misunderstood, demeaned, or attacked?

❤ Do you feel depressed, angry, or tired after speaking or being with your partner?

❤ Do you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around your partner to keep from becoming a target?

❤ Do you spend a lot of time and emotional strength trying to cheer your partner up?

❤ Are you the one always to blame?

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