The Art of Compromise

During my work as a trained couples therapist, I see couples struggling to compromise in their relationship. For that reason, I would like to raise 3 x main points about compromise.

The first point to consider is the significance of self-care. I would not advise someone to jeopardise their own individuality in order to please their partner. A healthy relationship needs the presence of two independent healthy individuals. We must take steps to care for ourselves in order to be involved in a Healthy Relationship with someone else.

The significance of empathy is the second point to compromise on. Empathy enables us to see that our Significant Other has needs and desires as well. Empathy shows our partner that they are important to us and that we are concerned about how they are feeling. When we have a deeper knowledge of how the other person feels, we are far more likely to compromise.

The third and last aspect that I would like to touch about compromise is that it must be reciprocal. Compromise will be mutual if two individuals are sympathetic to one another’s needs. Generally speaking, something is wrong in the relationship when the same individual compromises every time. Furthermore, getting what we want all of the time is unhealthy for any of us and that is the reason why compromise is a vital part of our growth process.

I encourage you to find ways to compromise with your Significant Other, investing in your relationship and your future in the process.

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