The importance of Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are considered one of the foundations of our well-being because they empower us with vitality from life that nurtures us from within. In 2020 we learnt that our health is really important but most of all, the quality of the relationships in our life.

As people, in order to feel deserving and to acknowledge that we belong, we feel the need to connect with others. We are social beings and all sorts of relationships play a vital role in our lives, but a romantic relationship in particular!.That’s why we need to understand that a romantic relationship can be like a double blade. If there are no healthy foundations, relationships could hurt us rather than do any good for us.

Relationship problems can be a cause of tension and have a significant negative effect on how we feel inside and how we are able to cope with the negative events of our lives. Seek help early rather than later to avoid issues escalate.. Focus on inspiring yourself further by achieving a balanced healthy relationship today. Realise that the job begins within you by taking responsibility for our own feelings. It requires that both people value the relationship and make it a priority for it to work.

I encourage you to ask yourself: “Is my relationship relevant enough in my life?”

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