The LOveCATOR Method

The LOveCATOR Method is the ultimate assessment tool that every person who is wanting to manifest a Satisfying, Fulfilling and Healthy Relationship in their lives, should use. 

The Art of Choosing

When you start navigating the profound & mysterious waters of LOVE following the six steps of The LOveCATOR Method, you will feel more confident about the ‘Art of Choosing’ the right romantic partner for you.

You will realise that you are using the most accurate compass on earth to guide you to your true love.

Make a clever investment in yourself today to start living the romantic relationship that you have always dreamed of and most importantly, that you have always deserved!

Online Course

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AUD Per Module
  • Audio Lessons
  • Writing exercises
  • LOveCATOR Compass Printable workbook
  • 4 x Counselling videos by Lupita Suarez

Module 1

  • Find your LOveCATION – Reality Therapy/check
  • Follow your True North
  • Introduction to LOveCATOR Compass

Module 2

  • The LOveCATOR Method
  • Start your journey to the love of your life
  • Self-love action Steps

Module 3

  • Changing your Limited Thinking Patterns
  • Outlining your New Goals
  • Onward Journey