What did you do that was Romantic?

Very often we hear about Romance and the importance of Romance in our lives. We usually associate romance with happy couples but it’s much more than that.

During COVID19 many things have slowed down but even though, many people are still rushing out for zoom meetings, online work commitments, etc. For most of us, our days are completely fully booked hour by hour.

That’s when we have to realise that we need more Romance in our lives. We can actually schedule ‘romance’ in our busy agendas. In fact, I believe that ‘we should’ schedule it. I always like to highlight that you can be romantic with your partner or on your own!

Through my studies of counselling, I’ve been able to realise how important is to take some time for ourselves and that is why I would like to suggest a very healthy and easy way to bring a little bit of romance in your life: Take a mental health day!

Recharge yourself and spend the day doing whatever takes your fancy. You don’t even have to leave the house if you don’t want to, just do whatever makes you smile.

Last week a good friend of mine mentioned in the comments the importance of laughing therapy. I cannot agree more! I personally LOVE funny videos, I just laugh so loud that I usually need to have a break every 15 minutes because my abs get so sore from laughing it’s fascinating to know all the well-being chemicals and hormones that are released in our brain when having a good laugh so it’s definitely highly recommended.

Have you included laughing therapy as one of the ways to bring a bit more Romance in your life? Think about this: What’s your favourite funny video, comedy movie, stand-up comedy or joke?

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