Would I date me?

For many, one of their New Year’s resolutions was to find their ideal partner to be in a loving relationship this year.

People usually ask themselves the same questions over and over again: “Why am I single? Why can’t I find love? Why can’t a nice, normal, successful, funny, amazing man/woman come into my life and want to be my one and only?” …which only brings more feelings of loneliness and neediness..Nobody is perfect, but if you start focusing on yourself and loving yourself a bit more you can definitely make yourself a much more desirable candidate when it comes to love. .It is easier to judge others, and have a long checklist ready to judge your potential partner but generally, people don’t want to judge themselves.

I believe that a better question to ask yourself if you are wanting to be in a healthy loving relationship is “Would I date me?”. You could hear your mind giving you an auto-reply like “Oh yeah, I’m fabulous!. Who wouldn’t date me?” But just make sure you put some thought into it and start analysing most aspects of your life. This is far more than becoming more desirable, and it’s just about becoming honest about who you are and what is most important to you. Not only can you be a man/woman of intent and direction if you have clarity about this, but you will know what you really want in a partner, opening the door for this person to walk in.

Ask yourself: “Would I date me?”

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